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Bloodthirsty Trilogy - 1970-1974 - Color - Anamorphic Widescreen

Set of all three TOHO vampire movies - Vampire Doll, Lake of Dracula and Evil of
Dracula. Mastered from the Japanese DVDs. Not a transfer from the horrible PAL

Directed by: Michio Yamamoto
Cast: Mori Kishida, Kayo Matsuo, Kunie Tanaka

$25 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$25 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Christmas Eve - 2000 - Color - Widescreen - Extras

Kyoji and Atsuko planned to spend the Christmas holiday in a remote cabin in the
snowy mountains of Northern Japan with four of their closest friends. When they arrive
at the cabin, they find the place in utter shambles. With the electricity out and no phone
service, the pair stumbles around the dark house trying to discover what happened. As
they do so, they discover the bloodied body of one of their friends who apparently died
from multiple stab wounds, not to mention the large kitchen knife still protruding out of
his mouth, through the back of his skull and into the wooden floor. With no sign of their
other friends, they soon discover that the murderer is still in the area…

Directed by: SAIGA Toshiro
YAMAMURA Akira, ATOMU Shimojou

$15 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$15 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Akuma ga Sumu Ie 2001 - 2001 - Color - Widescreen - Extras

Warning! Do not watch if you have a weak heart!
Fourteen of the most beautiful idols in this non-stop horror bloodbath!

Episode 1:
Sanae, Ryoko, Yuri, Kaoru, Risa and Emi are all in their school’s swimming club and
are now in a training camp. In the evening, they sneaked out of the camp to a nearby
lake and started playing with fireworks using a memorial vase that's used for offering
flowers to the dead. Kaoru is angered by this and goes back to the camp alone but
doesn't notice a black shadow that's following her…

Episode 2:
Christmas Eve of 2001, college co-eds Miyuki, Kaoru, Mayi, and Ayako invite some boys
to have a party. All is quiet in the dorms on Christmas Eve because everyone else has
gone back home. Strangely, the boys didn’t show, instead, a weird man in a Santa Claus
costume does.

Episode 3:
Classmates Ritsuko, Ayumi, Reiko, and Haruna visits Ayumi’s grandma, Tomiko, who
lived alone in countryside. Since the first day that they arrive, Ritsuko starts having
strange daydreams of a bloody man; and Tomiko tries to attack her. Finally, the darkest
fears became a reality.

Directed by: MIYASHITA Noboru

$15 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$15 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Eko Eko Azarak 4 - 1999 - Color- Widscreen - DVD Extras

The fourth movie in the highly sucessful Eko Eko Azarak series. Following the
events of the second movie, Misa (this time played by TOEI poster child and
Battle Royale II starlette, Natsuki Kato) discovers, along with the rest of Japan, the
strength of her newly acquired powers when she and her friends are attacked in
the woods... Watch for Takashi Miike regular Kenichi Endo as a role of a
power-hungry reporter, who gives new meaning to the word evil.

Directed by: Kosuke Suzuki
Cast: Natsuki Kato, Mitsuho Otani, Kenichi Endo

$13 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$13 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Jigoku no Keibiin - 1992 - Color - Anamorphic Widscreen

One of the contemporary masters of Japanese film, Kiyoshi Kurosawa here
fashions a dark tale that is both a sharp satire of corporate life and a B-movie
thriller. A former sumo wrestler (and here, the Western viewer is surprised to
discover that not all sumo wrestlers are huge ponderous guys) now working as a
security guard goes on a murderous rampage in the company that's employed
him. How did he snag the job with a prior charge of murder? How is it that the
only way a surviving employee can get help is by telexing New York City? As well,
the juxtaposition of world-renowned art in commerce (i.e., how much can I buy
and sell this Cezanne for?) with the obviously crude and horrible activity the guard
engages in that dominates the story, give this film a unique feel.

Directed by: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
Cast: Makiko Kuno, Yutaka Matsushige, Hatsunori Hasegawa, Ren Osugi

$13 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$13 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Nagai Yume - 2000 - Color - Widscreen

From the minds of Higuchinsky (Uzumaki, Tokyo 10+01) and Junji Ito (Tomie),
comes a tale of horror about a doctor who discovers a way to defeat death.
Yamauchi, a young doctor, met a mysterious patient at the hospital who
complains about sleeping too much. And in his sleep, he has very long dreams
in which he goes to faraway futuristic worlds. Before long, Mukouda starts
mutating into an alien-like being ...

Directed by: Higuchinsky
Cast: Miki Sugimoto, Reiko Ike

$13 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$13 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Yeogo Goedam - 1998 - Color - Widscreen

Every three years, the gloomy halls of a highly regimented all-girl Korean school
are haunted by the spirit of a student who died as a result of her teachers' cruel
forms of discipline. Though outwardly a Gothic, sometimes gruesome horror tale,
the story is actually a critique of Korea's militaristic approach to education. At the
school, it is not uncommon for errant students to be slapped or hit hard upon the
head. The ghost died a decade before in a freak accident and since then her
restless spirit reemerges at the same time and interval to get revenge by taking
over the body of a new student and using her to cause all kinds of trouble for the
instructors. One of those educators was a former student and a best friend of the
deceased girl. The ghost's reign of terror is threatened by the presence of a
shaman's daughter, who has at her disposal the means to send the ghost away
forever. Yeogo Goedan was screened at the 1998 Vancouver Film Festival.

Directed by: Park Ki-Yong
Cast: Lee Mi-Yun, Park Yong-Su, Lee Yong-Nyuh, Kim Yoo-Suk

$13 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$13 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Itsuroku Gaiden Zombi Gokudoi - 2001 - Color - Widescreen - Extras

The Yakuza Graveyard, a desolate area where only the most loathed gangsters find
their finally resting place. Buried there is Ryuji Naruo, the most famous and hated
yakuza in all of Japan, who dead with a powerful grudge and hatred. Kei’ichi Ohba, a
cowardly middle aged yakuza with the Mishima Family, is sent on a mission to kill a
rival boss. He in return is betrayed and murdered by his own family. In a rush to
dispose of his body, Kei’ichi is buried in the same grave as Naruo. But not even death
can hold back Naruo’s grudge and his soul is transferred into Kei’ichi’s body. Kei’ichi
now walks the earth as an undead yakuza and seeks revenge on those who betrayed

Directed by: SASAKI Hirohisa
OZAWA Hitoshi, SHINDO Eisaku

$15 plus shipping for US and Canada only.
$15 plus shipping for everywhere else.

Zombie Jieitai - 2006 - Color - Widescreen - Extras

Zombies! Aliens! Cyborg Warriors! Undead Schoolgirls!

A UFO crashes and spreads a mysterious green gas in a ‘haunted’ forest. For a small
army squad, a fashion model and crew, a bus load of schoolgirls, the staff of a hotel
and a couple of yakuza, the nightmare begins. The dead start coming to life to eat the
flesh of the living…

Directed by: TOMOMATSU Naoyuki

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$15 plus shipping for everywhere else.

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